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  • Rosies, Friends on the Street


    “Tonight, 20,000 Queenslanders are homeless. Nearly half are women. Over 40% are aged 25 or under. More than 3,500 of those are kids 12 or under.

    Rosies reaches out to those most in need, those people who are abandoned, marginalised, socially isolated within our communities.“

  • The Race

    If it was easy, everyone would do it. 140 kms.

    Day 1: Chillagoe - Almaden 35 kms

    Day 2: Almaden - Dimbulah 65 kms

    Day 3: Dimbulah - Mareeba 44 kms


    2020 is in the reverse direction.



    Have a look at some video from the 2017 race.



  • How can I contribute?

    Firstly, all funds raised go directly to Rosies, Friends on the Street. Each Friday night you will see the Rosie’s van at the park in Mareeba. The charity is associated with the Catholic church, Mareeba. The entry fee and any other expenses incurred are paid by the runners.


    Piagnos Newsagency, a "Rosie’s Runners" supporter, has a collection tin at the coffee shop a few months preceding the race.


    Donations can also be made directly to St. Thomas’ parish office next to the church and will be receipted.


    Rosies would also appreciate any donations of plastic cups, hot drink cups, cordial, milo and long-life milk. These can be dropped off at the parish office.

  • The 2019 Duo "Rosie’s Runners"

    - Jake Priestly and Liam Pozzibon -

    A dynamic DUO

    Jake and Liam are students at St. Stephen's Catholic College in Mareeba. The total raised by the “Rosie’s Runners” is now approximately $5150
  • The 2018 Solo "Rosie's Runner"

    - Jake Priestly -

    Jake is out to beat his older brother's time and fundraising effort in the 2018 race.

    Jake is a student at St. Stephen's Catholic College in Mareeba and he is raising awareness and funds for Rosies, Mareeba. It is local and the funds will be purchased to buy food for distribution to the marginalised in Mareeba.
    Photo: Day 2 6.00 am start.
    Josh's record: 21h:01min:10sec + $2200. (2015)
    Jake's record: 20h:43min: 21sec + $2000+. (2018)
    The winner?
    The kids on the street.
    A total of just over $4000 was raised for Rosies.
  • The 2015 "Rosie's Runner"

    -Josh Priestly

    Picture: Josh Priestly. 2015 "Rosies Runner".

    Josh was a year 12 student at St. Stephen's Catholic College in Mareeba in 2015. (He is currently studying Paramedic Science at QUT.)
    Josh went to hell and back. He won the solo division (last person standing) and $500 prize money which was also donated to Rosies.
    21h 01min 10sec+$2,200 raised.
    He was also on French TV! Go to 2:15 sec
    THANK YOU to all of the donors.